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                                                       NEW Motor Coach TOURS 2018 !!!!!!!

            New Years at Prairies Edge Casino  January 1-2, 2018                                                              $99.00 SGL

              Let's Get the New Year started off with a party on the bus with games and           $89.00  DBL                     prizes on the Bus and the Package includes $50.00 on players card, Hotel

             Sleepy Eye Concertina Band               January 14-15,2018   
                                                       $74.00 DBL 
             Concertina Band Music
atprairies Edge Casino  in the ballroom                                                
$94.00 SGL 

            Package includes $50.00 on players card, Hotel, and show

 Minnesota’s State Capitol                     January 16, 2018                                                                 $75.00 P.P.
          We will tour the Minnesota Capitol seeing the new renovation then we’re off to an included lunch.                                Then to the science museum for the Omni film

Legendary Ladies of Country Music       February 7, 2018,                                                  $79.00P.P.

            This musical, crafted to make audiences’ hearts sing, features songs of love, heartbreak,family, and faith.                 Legendary Ladies of Country is a joyous celebration of the power and resilience women discover within them          selves as they travel down life’s highway of young love, marriage, heartbreak (and revenge!), and motherhood.         As they come to the far end of that journey, they find they have accumulated a wellspring of wisdom to pass               along to their daughters, as the unbroken circle begins all over again. The show pays tribute to current                      and legendary country greats such as The Carter Family (June, Carlene and Mother Maybelle), Dolly                        Parton, Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, Kitty Wells, Lynn Anderson, Reba McEntire, Bobbie Gentry, The              Judds,Trisha Yearwood, Faith Hill, Shania Twain, Tammy Wynette, Patty Loveless, Carrie Underwood,                     Loretta Lynn and the Dixie Chicks. Lunch Included

The White Sidewalls                                February11-12,2018                                                         $74.00 DBL 
          50’s and 60’s Music with the White Sidewalls at Prairies Edge in the ballroom                           
$94.00 SGL                   Package includes $50.00 on players card, Hotel, and show.

         The U. S Bank Stadium                           February 20, 2018,                                                            $69.00 P.P.
             Let’s go see where the big game happened and explore the stadium and behind the scenes.                                             Then we're
off to lunch  included 

Old Log Theater                                     March 7, 2018,                                                                   $79.00 P.P.
          Performing Guys and Dolls Set in Damon Runyon's mythical New York City, Guys and Dolls is an oddball              romantic comedy. Gambler, Nathan Detroit, tries to find the cash to set up the biggest craps game in town while        the authorities breathe down his neck; meanwhile, his girlfriend and nightclub performer, Adelaide, laments              that they've been engaged for fourteen years. Nathan turns to the fellow gambler, Sky Masterson, for the dough,        and Sky ends up chasing the straight-laced missionary, Sarah Brown, as a result. Guys and Dolls take
us from            the heart of Times Square to the cafes of Havana, Cuba, and even into the sewers of New York City, but                      eventually, everyone ends up right where they belong. lunch included

         The Luck of the Irish Tour                 March 14, 2018,                                                                     $69.00P.P.
         Are the streets of St. Paul really laid out by drunken Irishmen?  Why are St. Paul’s most notorious figures of           Irish descent?  Could an Irishman have been responsible for the beautiful St. Paul Cathedral?  Learn the                  answers to these and many other questions as we journey through the most Irish city this side of Dublin.  You           will hear about St. Paul’s Irish heritage as it relates to St. Paul’s beautiful Catholic Churches, the Union Depot            (St. Paul’s version of Ellis Island), and St. Paul’s spectacular City Hall (where Irish immigrants dominated                politics). Lunch included.

The Blue Drifters                             March 11-12,2018                                                               $74.00 DBL 
            Americana  Musicat
prairies Edge Casino in the ballroom                                         $94.00 SGL                    Package includes $50.00 on players card , Hotel, and show. The Blue Drifters Acoustic Quartet is an        Americana roots/variety musical ensemble guitar, banjo, upright bass and fiddle. We play a wide            variety of blues, bluegrass, top-40 hits from 60's-70's, swing, vintage country and Cajun. 

The Spectacular Church Tour                April 3, 2018                                                                  $79.00 P.P.
       This Year we will travel to Wisconsin to explore different churches in western Wisconsin The Churches        Visitation is a powerful way to spend time in adoration, meditating on Christ’s sacrifice of love for the salvation        of souls for the joy of Easter. There is something special about visiting churches. It is not just because of the                opportunity to visit other parishes, it’s because of intentionally seeking Christ to spend time with Him and                  contemplating the gift of His love. Lunch included.   

Sherwin Linton & The Cotton Kings     April 8-9,2018                                                                 $74.00 DBL 
          Country Music with the Sherwin Linton at Prairies Edge in the ballroom                            
$94.00 SGL                       SherwinLintonHas been a great correspondent for Country Music for many years. He is the go-to guy for all            things concerning authentic Country Music in the Midwest, Sherwin larger than life Country Singing, String            Bending, rhinestone wherein, boot heel dragging, fancy car Driving, cowboy hat wearing state of the art            country star if there ever was one. Package includes $50.00 0n players card, Hotel, and show.

Bandits and Beer                                     May 9, 2018                                                                 $79.00PP
       We will travel to Cadott, Wisconsin and take a horse-drawn wagon ride into the woods to a quaint cabin, where      we will have a hearty beef stew in a bread bowl lunch, salad, and bars.  Then it’s on to Yellowstone Cheese and           Leinenkugel’s Brewery for a tour and some samples.                                                                                                   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   From Ava to Eternity                         May 23 ,2018                                                                $79.00PP                                 In this full-length dramatic musical, Francis Albert Sinatra is just another kid from Hoboken who wants to         make it big and become a star. Watch as he finds out just how rough a path lies ahead of him. Experience his            professional rise and fall from grace, his tempestuous romance with Ava Gardner, and his triumphant Oscar-            winning career turnaround in From Here to Eternity in this brand-new production from the creator of the               acclaimed jukebox musical, Unsung: The Story of the Voices behind the Stars. Accompanied by the sounds of an        on-stage orchestra, and featuring hits including "I've Got the World On A String", "All of Me" and                             "New York, New York", this story will illuminate the complex psyche behind the piercing blue eyes and                         unforgettable voice of Frank Sinatra. Lunch included                                    


      Black Bear Casino with historic Duluth               May 30-31,2018                                                    $149.00 DBL                    Stopping at Tobies for an included coffee stop then we're moving on to Duluth                      $169.00 SGL               where  We will enjoy a historic city tour of Duluth . after the city tour we will have time in canal park to enjoy           shopping and lunch on your own then we are going to the historic Congdon Mansion then returning to Black              Bear Casino for Our overnight.                                                                                                               


         Elvis Tribute                                                    June  10-11,2018                                                     $74.00 DBL                    World Champion Elvis Travis Morris at Prairies Edge in the ballroom                           $94.00 SGL                          Package includes $50.00 0n players Hotel, and show.

The Leon Olson  Show                         July 8-10,2018                                                    $74.00 DBL                    The Leon Olsen Band at Prairies Edge in the ballroom                                   $94.00 SGL                              The show will be some polka and old-time Music, the package includes  ,Hotel show.                                                                                                                                                            

        The Terry Nelson Band                               August 12-13,2018                                                    $74.00 DBL                          Classic Oldies and Country Music at Prairies Edge in the ballroom                                      $94.00 SGL                            Performing hit Classics from the 30’s,40’s,50’s and 60’s

            Package includes $50.00 on players card ,Hotel, and show.                                        

            Surfin Safari Band                                       September 9-10 ,2018                                          $74.00 DBL                        The Surfin’ Safari Band is an exciting new group comprised of 5 experienced,                      $94.00 SGL                       talented, and versatile musicians who all share a passion for the ever popular Oldies and Golden Oldies music           genres. The group is extraordinarily strong vocally.   Package includes $50.00 on players card, hotel, and show                                                                                                                  

              Jail Bailers                                                September 11,2018                                                    $79.00P.P                         Originally built as a high school in 1907, this magnificently restored treasure is truly a gem.  Sit back and                  enjoy the Jail Bailers, part of the Bogus County Work Release program, with great singing, not so great                     dancing, and just a whole lotta fun. Enjoy a tasty buffet lunch with Baked Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Vegetable,       beverage and dessert.  The location is the Heyde Center for the Arts in Chippewa Falls, WI.                                                                                                                         

    Stone Lake Cranberry Festival                        October 6,2018                                                      $69.00 P.P                          In 1978 five women were enjoying a glass of wine in a hot tub and came upon the idea of a Cranberry Festival          to stimulate the economy of their small town of Stone Lake, Wisconsin.  There are over 300 vendors, Bog                    Tours(optional), pie and ice cream social at Stone Lake Lutheran Church, Beer & Brat Tent, and a parade                   at 2:00 pm.                                                                                   


 West Addison Blues                                        October 14-15 ,2018                                                    $74.00 DBL                        A Tribute to the Blues Brothers In The  Prairies Edge ballroom                                               $94.00 SGL                    A 9 piece band dedicated to preserving the blues through the characters of Jake and Elwood Blues originally             portrayed by Dan Aykroyd and the late John Belushi from Saturday Night Live and the 1980 motion picture              "The Blues Brothers" The Package includes $50.00 on players card ,Hotel, and show.                                                         

      The Larry Olson Band                      November 11-12, 2018                                                             $74.00 DBL

  Polka Music at Prairies Edge in the ballroom                                                                             $94.00 SGL   Preforming polka hits from his band's records. Package includes $50.00 0n players card ,Hotel, and show.

Hammer Time                                    December 9-10 ,2018                                                            $74.00 DBL 
               Classic Oldies and Country Music at Prairies Edge in the ballroom                                
$94.00 SGL 

Performing Oldies Country Music  Package includes $50.00 on players card, Hotel, and show


  Pricing is based on double occupancy unless specified otherwise.  For more information, please call ACT Tours at 651-472-9228 groups can have their own departure dates and choice of tour
with a minimum of 40 passengers.      Get on the Bus to Amazing with Across Country Tours!   

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PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE NO REFUNDS on day tours, but we issue a credit memo less any non-recoverable costs if cancellation is made at least three working days before tour departs. We reserve the right to make changes to the itinerary when necessary and are not responsible to any person for loss of time or money if a change in the itinerary occurs.



            Pricing is based on double occupancy unless specified otherwise. 

   For more information, please call ACT Tours at 651-472-9228
       groups can have their own departure dates and choice of the tour with a minimum of 40 passengers.

get on the Bus to Amazing with Across Country Tours!  See YOU on the bus!

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